The holidays are on the way—and Santa Clara Aquamaids is here to heat up your holiday season with the hottest and best-priced bingo action in the Bay Area! We have some of the biggest jackpots around with our Tuesday TWO (2) “Must Go” $5,000 jackpot strip games with 1 of each strip, PLUS our special Aquamaids Bingo “Tis the Season” Promo where, on Fridays ONLY, you can score THREE (3) “Must Go” $5,000 jackpot strip games with 1 of each strip! What’s even better is, our prize pots range from $1,000 (regular strip games) to $500 (regular paper games). But if the huge payouts don’t convince you, we have six great reasons to play bingo at Aquamaids Bingo in Santa Clara. Grab your daubers, your lucky tokens, and your friends and family as we run them down!


1.    Best Bundled Buy-In Packages in the Bay Area—Check Out Our Buy-In Packages!

Aquamaids Bingo is the home of the biggest, best, and most affordable bingo packages around! Everyone’s worried about inflation and the looming recession the news keeps warning of, and Aquamaids Bingo is committed to continuing to make your bingo experience the best value for your money anywhere in the Bay Area. Feel free to comparison shop—we’re confident you’ll agree our signature buy-in packages set the standard for playability, excitement, and budget-friendliness!

Our bundled buy-in packages are priced as follows:

TUESDAY & FRIDAY—BEST Bundled Buy-In Packages

$75 Strip Night Buy-In Package:

2 Strip Packs $1000 Prizes

2 Double Actions $500 Prizes

2 3-Ons One Of Each $500 Prizes

Tuesdays (2) Two “Must Go” $5,000,1 of each strip; EXCEPTION “Tis the Season” Promo starting Friday, October 14th, 2022. On Fridays ONLY, players can get (3) Three “Must Go” $5,000,1 of each strip


$100 Strip Night Buy-In Package:

4 Strip Packs $1000 Prizes

2 double-action (payout $500) one of each color (2 colors)

2 3-ons One of Each $500 Prizes

Tuesdays (2) Two “Must Go” $5,000,1 of each strip; EXCEPTION “Tis the Season” Promo Fridays ONLY (3) Three “Must Go” $5,000,1 of each strip




$50 Bingo Buy-In Paper & Strip Games Package includes:

All You Can Play 10 Games $500 Prizes

1 Strip Packs 4 Games $1000 Prizes

2 Double Action $500 Prizes

2 3-on strip $500 Prizes

One “Must Go” $5000 Strip game


$75 Bingo Buy-In Paper & Strip Games Package includes:

All You Can Play 10 Games $500 Prizes

4 Strip Packs 4 Games $1000 Prizes

2 Double Action $500 Prizes

2 3-on strip $500 Prizes

One “Must Go” $5000 Strip game

         With buy-in packages and payouts this huge, Aquamaids Bingo makes the exciting bingo action you’re craving easier on your wallet than ever before—and our ‘Tis the Season promotion is one more way we’re giving our players more chances to win big for less!

2.    Plenty of Seating


No one likes to be packed in like a sardine with a bunch of strangers, especially with everything going on in the world today. At Aquamaids Bingo, you never have to worry about that. We make it a point to keep player groups at least six feet apart, as per CDC guidance for controlling the spread of COVID-19, and we clean and sanitize play areas between guests so you always know you’re sitting in a safe place.


3.    Delicious Food, the Cafe is OPEN!


Playing bingo and waiting on that last number can work up an appetite, and no one has as much fun in the game when they’re feeling peckish. At Aquamaids Bingo. you can also grab munchies or enjoy a full meal from the amazing new menu at Jo’s Café, with a mix of American, Mexican, and Asian cuisine influences to satisfy just about any craving, appetite, or budget! 


4.    Free Coffee


Need a caffeine boost? No problem when you play at Aquamaids Bingo! We’re proud to be the home of a free cup of America’s favorite energy booster, and we’re told our coffee is some of the best around. Come on in, play, win big, and get a free cup of joe too. It’s just one more way you’re a winner either way when you spend your bingo time and dollars with Aquamaids Bingo!

5.    Great People


Aquamaids Bingo is committed to having the friendliest volunteer staff, the best customer service, and the best player care around. From your buy-in to your meal to the caller to the people who clean the tables, every single person who works here wants to make sure everyone who comes through our doors has an excellent bingo experience. Whether you walk away with the big jackpot or just a memory of a fun night and a full stomach, we know once you try out Aquamaids Bingo, you’ll agree our people and our games are the best around—and we’ll leave you and your bingo-playing friends and family wanting more!


6.    An Excellent Cause


If all the reasons above weren’t enough, when you play at Aquamaids Bingo, your buy-in supports talented budding athletes’ dreams and ambitions to compete in Artistic Swimming through Santa Clara Aquamaids. That’s right! For nearly 50 years, Aquamaids Bingo has been one of the primary public-facing volunteer fundraising venues for supporting SCA’s training, travel, and competition, helping these budding Artistic Swimming athletes compete at the highest levels and giving them life skills that will stick with them, long after they hang up their goggles and swimsuits for the last time.

Amazing payouts, great food, plenty of payment options, lots of room, free coffee, and playing to support a worthy cause—does it really get any better than that? At Aquamaids Bingo, we keep finding ways to make your bingo session bigger and more exciting while keeping our signature bundled buy-in packages the most affordable around for all the chances you get to play and win. Our regular players agree—which is WHY they’re regulars with Aquamaids Bingo! We’re working hard every session to be the best bingo hall in the Bay Area, with the highest payouts, the most exciting games, and the best, well, everything. Compare our bundled buy-in packages head-to-head with the ones offered by the bingo halls you usually attend, and we know you’ll agree we’re the best deal around for the hottest bingo action the Bay Area has ever seen! Then come visit us at 1600 Martin Avenue in Santa Clara, CA and see for yourself why Aquamaids Bingo is your home for the best and most exciting bingo action around. And remember, “Tis the Season” to play and win big with Aquamaids Bingo!